Once upon a time in a previous job I won the “Prettiest Desk Award” for how beautifully styled my desk was. No matter where I’ve worked in my career I’ve always brought in a few little styling elements of my own to jazz up my workspace.

Now that I work for myself I have free reign to do what I like so I thought I’d share what usually features on my desk as well as details of a fun competition you can enter too!

My Desk Favourites

  • Rose quartz, citrine and clear quartz crystals – each crystal has its own healing power, whether or not they work I don’t really know but I like to think they do!
  • A diffuser – I’m loving the Air Wick Essential Mist Diffuser! I’ve had one on my desk for a few weeks now and have been really impressed with how easy it is to use.I don’t even have to top it up or give it any attention, he just sits there doing his thing, looking pretty.
  • A stack of books – I always have a rotation of different books on my desk, some I want to read and others that I’ve read and loved. Oh and of course my own book is on my desk too.
  • Drink coaster – I picked this one up on my recent trip to the US and love the gold edging. I alternate a drink and the Air Wick Essential Mist diffuser on it. It’s just so pretty!
  • Storage drawers – I don’t use a tonne of paper in my day-to-day work so I don’t need to store much besides receipts and a couple of furniture catalogues. Naturally I chose a pink filing system to coordinate with everything else 😉

Do you have a desk essential you always have sitting by your side while you work? I obviously have a few! Now for the good news..

Last week I wrote about the 5 senses and how to carefully consider these senses when decorating. This week I’m back to tell you one lucky reader will get the chance to win an Air Wick Essential Mist Diffuser!!

Jump on over to my Facebook page for all the competition details and to enter.

Winner will be announced Tuesday 17th April.

Emma x

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