Today I’m interviewing one of the lovely students who participated in my 2018 mentor program. I think the biggest thing a lot of my students take away from the program is the accountability factor, so many of us work alone and can easily waste time thinking no one is going to check up on us if we don’t do the work. The mentor program is an opportunity to actually devote time to working ON the business not IN the business. When you’re starting out it’s the perfect time to get all your admin ducks in a row so that when the clients come knocking you’re 100% prepared behind the scenes to start working with them and not worry about your website or service offering letting you down.

Sharon Flynn from Sharon Flynn Interiors took part in the mentor program last year so I asked her a few questions about her experience….

When did you start your business and what do you specialise in?

I am only just starting now and in the process of having my website done. I want to specialise in whole house design projects or room by room. I would prefer long term projects but will take on any clients and their needs to get started. I have had a lot of experience in window and soft furnishings and can easily apply that to my new projects.

What were the top three things you struggled with the most when you started the business?

  1. Actually taking the plunge and organising my website.
  2. Telling everyone what I am doing.
  3. Pricing but have learnt to do this now.

Being a solo business owner did you find it difficult not having someone to turn to to work things out?

I think having the Facebook group is helping a lot with having people to bounce ideas off.

You participated in my mentor program in 2018, what were some of the best takeaways from the program for you?

Learning the process of creating a real business as well as the ongoing support with the group and the possibly of future workshops to meet other designers and network in person with like minded people.

Why would you recommend the mentor program to other designers?

I think most people would just muddle through and think they can do it themselves. I think it also makes you take action instead of sitting back and just thinking about it because you have someone to be accountable to and can’t make up excuses for not doing the work.

Why do you believe in investing in furthering your education?

We always need to keep learning and growing. Just because we have done a course, degree or certificate doesn’t make us experienced designers. The design world is ever changing and we need to keep up with current and upcoming trends as well as creating our own special niche.

What’s on the horizon for your business this year?

My website, setting up my home office and earning an income from my new business.

Do you think the mentor program helped prep you to go out and achieve some of the goals you’ve set for 2019?

Absolutely. At first it was a little daunting but after a couple of weeks I could see things starting to happen. The ongoing support is very important and being accountable to the process.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I see myself having a great time in my business and actually doing something I truly love and enjoy. Oh and making lots of money would be nice.

If you have any questions about how the mentor program can help grow your business in the right direction email me on [email protected] and we can line up a 10 min obligation free chat.

You can enrol in the mentor program here, enrolments close off 6th March.

Emma x

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