1:1 mentoring

1:1 mentoring

I first started offering group mentoring in 2017, however after mentoring over 30 students, I wanted to find a way to dig deeper one on one with my students. Which is how this program has come about. 

This program is suited to established businesses, less than 2 years in but who are serious, invested, hungry and motivated. You don’t need to be a decorator or a designer. I’ve worked with retailers, wholesalers and product based businesses. I spent over five years working as a buyer for an online homewares store where I analysed sales data, created buying plans, established pricing (trade and retail) for homewares brands, created imagery for the products and so much more. I bring all of that experience into my mentor program to ensure you’re pricing yourself or your products profitably, your branding is up to scratch, your website reflects what you really want to attract and so much more. 

what will I do for you during the program?

You know that scene in Mean Girls when Tina Fey’s character says “I’m a pusher. I push people”…..? That’s me. I’m your pusher. I am honest and up front about what changes you need to make to see greater success. I don’t want people joining my little gang who aren’t going to go away and give their goals a solid crack. I want you to succeed and have a heap of fun doing it.
Over the course of 3 months we will work one on one to identify the areas of weakness in your business (hint: you probably already know they’re your finances, your marketing, your lack of clients or all of the above!! We know it’s not your decorating skills because you can design a house with your eyes shut). Once we’ve identified those weaknesses I make a plan for you to follow over the next three months to turn them around.

program schedule


Session #1

This is a 2-3 hour deep dive into the business and identify any areas of weakness together. We also work through what you have and haven’t tried to date and what you can do before the next call to kick start business success.


Session #2

Actionable items are created so that you can go away and implement some serious strategies to plug up your leaky bucket. (1.5 hours)

Session #3

Review stats on your previous session to do lists. We analyse all the data together so we know exactly where you’re getting cut through and how you can maintain that after the program. (1 hour)

I’m a huge fan of systems and processes and streamlining your workload so I’ll share my own customised processes and help you get the business side of things on track so you can focus on getting new clients in the door and designing amazing spaces for people.

If you would like more information about the program I am offering 15 min obligation free calls to discuss with you exactly how I can help you. To book a call please email [email protected].

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