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Planning a renovation?

Are you spending a little bit more time at home than normal lately and finding all of it’s flaws?! Or have you put a renovation off for the past few years and finally have the time (thanks Covid-19!!) to sit down and properly plan out what your dream home would actually look like? We work with clients to bring their Pinterest pins to life and create a home they’re actually proud of. Our focus is on creating a space that’s practical yet stylish and serves the needs of each individual that lives in the home. It’s a collaborative process so we can draw out your personality and character and apply them back into the design of the house. Every reno aspect is taken care of as we provide you with detailed documentation ready to hand to the builder the day you start demolition.

How can I help you?

Stop apologising when you invite guests over about the state of the house. I see this so often when I start working with a client, they’re saying sorry to me before I’ve stepped one foot inside the door. I understand life gets in the way and sometimes the thought of renovating is so overwhelming it’s easier to sell and move somewhere else than live through a renovation! Renovations are life changing, in a good way! They help bring your dreams and visions to life. They make you proud of your home and no longer ashamed to invite friends over. Throwing open the doors to your new home and having friends over for a BBQ to show it off is one of the greatest feelings post reno!

I work with you to create a design framework for the builders to use as the build progresses. This framework is like the home bible where every detail is noted down from light switches to kitchen taps to which direction the tiles should be laid in the bathroom. No stone is left unturned which means you won’t be answering questions from the builder every five seconds about where the toilet roll holder goes or how high the benchtops need to be. I pride myself on making the process as fun and enjoyable as possible for my clients. Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about whether the benchtop you’ve selected matches the cabinets or not. That’s my problem to solve for you now!

Concept Development

Need some inspiration on how to renovate an older home or fresh modern ideas for a tired space

Kitchen + Bathroom Design

Full scale planning of a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Great savings

Access to trade industry only prices 


Selection of Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes

Documentation detailing exactly what fixtures, finishes and fittings go where.


How it Works



Fill in the questionnaire to give us an idea of your renovation goals. Click here to start. You can also share your Pinterest board with us too.

Initial Consultation

We meet for an initial consultation on site to discuss your hopes and dreams for the house. We use this as an information gathering exercise where we listen and take notes about what you want to achieve. We also run through the floor plans if you already have these. Initial Consult $495.


Scope of work

We prepare a scope of work outlining what you need selected, designed and coordinated as well as a schedule of when things need to be completed by. See pricing table below for details. 


Now the fun bit! We get to work sourcing the fixtures, finishes and fittings for each room needing attention. We order you samples so you can get a feel for how the house will look at the end!

Your architect or draftsperson has drawn up the plans for your new kitchen and now you have to make all the nitty gritty design decisions. Yikes!!

Don’t worry, I have access to a large network of trade only suppliers where I source all elements of your new kitchen for you. A document with all of the details meeting your budget and style requirements is drawn up which includes the selection of the following:

You can then pass this document across to all relevant trades to minimise the back and forth answering design questions.

Ready to get started?

We’re just a Phone or FaceTime call away to help! We’d love to hear from you to discuss what you’ve got in the works and how we can help you. Please complete book a time here to chat over the phone.

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