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Are you?

Time Poor

someone who appreciates a beautifully decorated home but just don’t have the time to dedicate to planning your new home.

Wanting to save money on furniture

Want to save on furniture purchases or have something custom made to suit a specific spot in the house? We pass on our trade discounts to clients and have plenty of contacts in the industry to make your custom dreams happen!

Home reno show junkie

spend your evenings scrolling through Pinterest pinning your dream home while sitting on your tatty old sofa your now husband had in his bachelor pad before you met?!

A young family

dragging the kids all over the city looking at homewares and furniture stores on the weekends.

First Home Buyers

who have moved from a two bedroom rental into your first family home in the burbs and suddenly have so many extra rooms to furnish you just don’t know where to start?!

Empty Nesters Downsizing

the kid’s have flown the coup and you’re selling the family home to move into an easier to manage home but can’t bring the old furniture with you because it won’t work in the new place?

Our sole focus when working with you to decorate your home is to create a home that is reflective of you (and your family). We offer one-on-one specialised advice specific to you and your home’s needs. You’ll receive access to professional know-how as well as being able to tap into a huge furniture supplier base that work specifically with interior decorators and designers only. We’re there to hold your hand throughout the process and help you make decisions that will result in a beautiful home you’re proud to live in.


Let us help you create a beautiful space to live

Decorating your home whether it’s a new build, your first family home or the home you’ve lived in for many years can be an overwhelming and daunting task. For some people just thinking about furnishing their home is so exhausting it’s easier to live with the existing furniture you hate than it is to face the Supa Centa on a weekend to update your home. So many of our clients share the same initial decorating woes and often after a weekend of looking at sofas they give up and call us to come in and help solve their problems for them. We get it, it’s stressful. we do it for a living and we still get overwhelmed with colour choices some days!

How it works

We are firm believers in mixing high and low pieces of furniture to create a personalised space for you and your family. You don’t have to spend a fortune to furnish your home. We can create a custom sofa for your lounge room and pair it with an off the rack armchair or rug to finish the look.

See below for how the process works. We can pick and mix from this list to suit your needs.



During our initial one hour consult we will take photos and measurements, ask you questions about your decorating style and tastes, listen carefully to your answers, and then get started on a decorating plan for your home.

Initial consultation fee is $375.


Design Plan

We create personalised mood boards featuring images of the specific items we would recommend for the rooms we’re working on together. We’re there to hold your hand throughout the process and help you make decisions that will result in a beautiful home you’re proud to live in. 


Design Process

You’ll receive access to professional know-how and trades as well as tapping into a huge furniture supplier base that work specifically with interior decorators and designers only saving you up to 40% off RRP. 



We order, procure and arrange deliveries for all items on your behalf. We track the deliveries for you and make sure everything arrives safely. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the boxes to arrive!

What we help you avoid…

If you’re living in an uninspiring home that you’re sick of, get ready to kiss the boring home life goodbye! Our goal when working with all new clients is to create a space for them and their family members that is a true reflection of them and their personalities. We are known for being practical with our choices so they suits everyone who uses the space. We don’t use every project as an opportunity to expand our portfolio with show homes, we focus purely on creating REAL and meaningful homes. Our homes are our most sacred spaces, full of love and where we dream up all sorts of amazing things for our lives so why not be inspired by the pieces you surround yourself with? We make the decorating process as stress free and fun as possible because we want everyone to be able to live in a space they really, truly love.

What our clients say about working with us

Thank you so much for everything and the support. You’ve been so amazing to work with and have made what’s usually a very dreaded situation (moving) a very exciting one!


Dulwich Hill

“Setting up a new apartment for someone like me with very little experience in style and no knowledge of what is available seemed a difficult and uncomfortable task, and it was super important that the kids had a comfortable “home” to live in when they are with me. Mission accomplished … so thanks again!”



“Why should you hire Emma: very reasonable pricing, goes above and beyond, quick responses to emails, practical, chic and stylish design, overall lovely person to work with, warm, dedicated and engaging! I’m convinced she’s actually a decorating wizard!”



“We received all of our furniture today, OMG it’s perfect! So in love with what you have done for us and can’t thank you enough!”


St Ives

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for your help with furnishing my apartment. Without your guidance, the place would be much less comfortable and inviting to live.” 


“Thank you very much for all your work on the design mood boards you created for me. I absolutely love the furniture and other designs you’ve chosen for me and can’t wait to see it all come together.”  



Thank you so much for all your hard work Emma. The furniture is stunning and the house feels like a home now.


Have a question?

How much does an interior designer cost?

The most commonly asked question we get would have to be this one. It’s a tricky one to answer with a definitive number because, just like the question “how long is a piece of string”, each house is different and each client’s needs and wants are different too.

A general guide is as follows:

Step 1: Initial Consult in your home

This is where you start off with an initial consultation where we each get to know each other and decipher your style and tastes. We chat about how you use the space, who else uses the space, what your hopes and dreams are for the house and any other important elements. We also run through any questions your tradespeople may have for you that you aren’t confident answering without a professional opinion. The initial consultation should last anywhere from an hour to two hours. It’s a nice little discovery session and you aren’t obligated to continue with the services after this meeting if you don’t feel it’s a good connection. If your designer or decorator is offering free initial consultations, I’d be pretty wary of this, they need to be valuing their time in order for you to feel like you are getting great, quality service and advice.

Our Interior Decorating Consultation fee for furniture selection is $375 and our Interior Design Consultation fee for reno/building works is $499.

Step 2: Design Concepts

After that first meeting, you will be emailed a Scope of Work document. This is a few pages of information about how many hours are required to complete the design selections, draw up floor plans, source and specific design elements etc etc. Each decorator and designer will bill differently for this service, some price it based on square meterage of the rooms, others have a flat fee per room and then there’s hourly billing. We work by the hour and always quote up front so my client’s never receive any nasty surprises and we’re both on the same page. If you’re worried about how many hours your project is going to take, most decorators can give you a rough price outline to help you budget. Expect to pay between $130-$300 per hour for this. If you have existing furniture in your rooms and only need a few bits and pieces here and there then your decorator will only need a couple of hours to complete this. If you need an entire home from scratch, you’ll probably be looking at about 20+ hours.
What is a design concept you ask…? It’s a mood board (also known as a design concept board), a floor plan layout and a design action plan (like a to do list) to show you how the whole process is going to be executed. You’re paying for the decorators time to create these magical documents for you. The decorator has spent countless hours crafting and honing their skills in order to do this for you in the time that they are charging so you’re getting all that expertise rolled into one price.

Fill in the contact form below for a free quote.

Step 3: Furniture Purchasing

Once you have finalised the overall design concepts and you’re happy to proceed with the furniture purchases, your decorator or designer will facilitate this process for you and you can sit back and wait for all the goodies to arrive at your doorstep. Some decorators will pass on their trade discounts to their clients saving you on average about 30% off the recommended retail price. Not all decorators do this (we do).

Step 4: Final Once Over

If you’re confident placing the furniture around the rooms you’re welcome to skip this step, however it’s advised that you have your decorator or designer pop out again to put all the furniture in the right place, fluff up the cushions the right way (yes, there’s a wrong way) and make your home look fabulous! Many of our clients watch us do this step and say “I’ve learnt so much from watching you put the room together today!”. You can expect to pay between $90 - $150 per hour for this service. Oh and if you work with us, we ALWAYS bring flowers to add that lovely fresh finishing touch!

So, all in all, hiring a decorator or designer…….

  • Saves you time…..and money – outsourcing to someone who already knows where to shop and what the products look like means you don’t have to spend countless weekends at the Supa Centa trying to figure out what lamp shade works with your lounge room.
    Saves your marriage/relationship….. – don’t tell us you’ve never fought with your partner about sofa fabric choices, paint colours or how many cushions should be allowed on the bed. Having a professional guide you with your decorating choices can save a lot of deliberation time (code for arguing about kitchen tiles).
  • Gives you access to quality trades – decorators usually have a whole list of trades they can recommend for jobs you don’t have time to research and hire for.
  • Gives you access to quality products – that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access too as decorators work with a lot of furniture wholesalers who won’t deal with the general public.
  • Gives you a finished product you’ll absolutely love – our job at the end of the day is to create a beautiful, real and functional home for you and your family so that walking in the door each day makes you smile.
What can an interior decorator help me do?
I often joke that I come into a clients house and wave my magic wand and leave. While it’s not really magic, my clients always tell me they could never have done it on their own.

I am your sounding board throughout the project, however long that might be! Some clients I work with for 4 weeks to speedily set up their home, others I’ve been working with for 3+ years across various rooms, renovations or cosmetic updates and they just call on me when they need my advice.

The general services an interior decorator can help with is furniture planning, ie. working out what items should go where. That could be with the furniture you already have, buying entirely new items or both. We also help source the right pieces to fit with the overall vision for the space. If you’ve been hunting for the perfect navy blue velvet armchair for years with no luck, chances are your interior designer can make it happen for you. We can coordinate custom pieces of furniture like bedheads with specific detailing or fabric or help you purchase off the shelf items from retail stores. A good interior designer will use your budget wisely!

Interior designers can also help work out colour schemes for your wall paint, exterior walls and design schemes for your bathrooms and kitchens. We also have access to a range of tradespeople to make it all happen too so it’s a wise idea to get a designer on board for their contacts as well as their brains!

Can interior designers give better discounts than retail stores?
Yes, in many instances interior designers get better rates on furniture, decor, art and soft furnishings than you can. That’s because we tap into a large network of suppliers who don’t sell to the general public so you’d never be able to purchase at those prices yourself.

Most interior designers (ie. me) will pass on their trade discounts to their clients which you can expect will save you anywhere from 10-40% off the recommended retail price. That goes a long way to covering the cost of your designers fees too.

I think I’m on the right path but need a professional opinion. Can you just consult and then I go shopping myself?

Yes absolutely you can! The initial consultation is your chance to pick your interior designers brain for any design decisions you might be pondering, then if you feel confident enough to go out and make the selections yourself then you’re most welcome to.

What questions should I ask my builder before they start work?

We work with clients at various stages of the renovation and building process so we're often liaising with the builder on design decisions but if you’re keen to project manage the process yourself after we’ve worked together on the finishes and fixtures (bath taps, wall colours, kitchen benchtops etc) then you could consider asking the following questions of your builder:

  • When do you need all design decisions by?
  • How do you prefer we communicate all design elements?
  • How long will the process take?
  • Do you order the fixtures and finishes or do you prefer the client to?
I’ve never renovated before, can you come tile and paint shopping with me?
Yes I can! I love to start on a project before any work commences so have time to source these specific items cohesively. However, sometimes a client doesn’t call until their builder asks for all their design specifications and the client has no idea what the builder is talking about so I come in to take over. I have a range of suppliers who have showrooms across Australia so I will direct my clients to a showroom and visit with them to make sure we’re selecting all the right things.
I can’t work out how to furnish certain rooms. Can you just work on a few rooms and not the entire house?

Sure! We typically work on lounge rooms, bedrooms, outdoor areas and entryways when it comes to decorating but every client has different things bugging them so the order or priority is always different for each client. You can choose as many or as little rooms as you like.

Can you work with different ranges of budgets?
Yes! I work to a wide variety of budgets. I have access to a very expansive network of suppliers who offer products at a range of prices so I work with you to plan out your budget and select accordingly.
What if I don’t know my budget?

That’s a-okay! We have a budgeting template we can share with you to help you identify where to spend and where to save when purchasing new furniture. Or if there are certain stores you’ve shopped at in the past (West Elm, Freedom, Domayne, Coco Republic etc) then we can work to those prices.

Do I need to do my entire house or can you just help with bits and pieces per room?

We often help clients with one or two rooms rather than designing the entire house. Sometimes our clients have already purchased a number of big ticket items and just need help bringing it together so if that’s the case we work on an hourly basis to pick out those final pieces for you.

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