Tell me dear reader… What would you like to listen to?

I’ve been saying for almost a year that I want to launch a Podcast so I’m telling the world that it’s happening (that way I have someone to keep me accountable and then I will actually do it!!).

What’s the Podcast about?

Great question! It’s going to be called The Business of Decorating. Kinda broad I know but I didn’t want to skip out on any cool people that fit into the decorating industry because I’ve met so many cool people over the years, each with their own ‘zone of genius’. So I’ve lined up a dream list of people in the decorating industry – some are from other industries but offer great insights that can help interior designers, creatives and homeowners. Now I’m handing it over to you guys, what do you want to hear about?

Are you struggling with a certain issue in business? Is there a room in your house you’re totally stumped on and would like some professional tips? Are you interested in the world of Feng Shui? Or do you want to know where to best spend your cash when starting a reno?

Add a comment below or email me ([email protected]) and let me know what your burning decorating questions are and I’ll do some recon to find appropriate experts to interview!!

Emma x

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