If you’ve ever spent any time looking at my Instagram feed you’ll know I’m a huge sucker for a floral display at home. There’s something about fresh flowers in the home that make you smile and I usually have a bunch or ten around the house at all times. A few years ago I came across the girls at Bloombox Co who run a floral delivery service for Sydney and Melbourne. Basically, every week you can have a box of flowers delivered to your house and you can style them up however which way you like. It’s a genius concept and this week I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with them to make my very own Bloombox!! You can order your own box of EB approved blooms here.

I asked head flower lady Philomena at Bloombox to answer a few questions so you can get to know them a bit better!

  1. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

To me, home is an extension of myself (and my partner!). Years of life and adventure have meant we’ve collected lots of things that we love, and the memories that go with them. Art, trinkets, sentimental bits and bobs. Home is where I feel the most myself, and like a full human being – surrounded by things that make me feel creative, comforted and inspired.

  1. What are the key elements to putting a floral bouquet together? Is there a formula?

I don’t believe in rules when it comes to flowers. But there is a tried and tested formula that works well as a guide:

  • Have a great base of greenery that would look just as good on its own. It’s the foundation on which you can build everything else.
  • Include some sort of “heroine” flower. Big, showy or bright. It’s something your eye is drawn right to!
  • Secondary flowers add all the personality, creating layers and textures and introducing new shades of colour
  • Flair – usually the best bit. It will be the unexpected grasses, quirky stem or trailing piece of amaranthus that will make your arrangement really special.
  1. How do the seasons affect what Bloombox does?

The seasons drive everything we do at Bloombox Co for a few reasons. Firstly, having “in season” flowers in your home means you’ll be enjoying flowers that are literally at their best (just like enjoying late summer mangoes). Secondly it means you’re not causing flowers to be shipped out of season from the other side of the world with an enormous carbon footprint, just because you want a rose or a peony in Winter.

Finally, being in tune with the seasons keeps things fresh and exciting! Having particular blooms available only at certain times of the year means you really look forward to them. From Spring’s blossoming branches, to Winter’s paperwhites.

  1. What is your favourite floral season?

Like most people in the flower industry, nothing beats Spring in full swing. You know that saying “the Earth laughs in flowers”? Well she’s having a good belly clutching laughing fit in Spring, because the market is usually heaving with flowers and you’re almost guaranteed to see things you’ve not seen before.

  1. Which areas of your home do you always have floral arrangements?

Bit of an unusual one – the bathroom! It’s where you’re most likely to stop and have a moment just for yourself, whether you’re getting ready for the day, or just having a pit stop and getting a quick hit of beauty. It’s a lovely touch for when you have guests too.

  1. If you were a flower which one would you be?

Phylica, one of my favourite native flowers. While I can’t say I’m that perfect shade of chartreuse, I am certainly big haired and fluffy and happy to back up other blooms, while having my own thing going on.

  1. Explain the concept of Bloombox further? What exactly is it?

Bloombox Co is a flower subscription service. Similar to how you might get a magazine subscription, you receive regular deliveries of in-season flowers at your door. With each delivery you receive a selection of loose and unarranged blooms to brighten up your home, as well as a video styling suggestion each week, if you need inspiration.

It’s an easy way to add life and colour to your home with gorgeous fresh flowers that are new every time! And because we’re passionate about sustainability, we work to a zero waste model and deliver only amazing Australian grown blooms – it’s something we care about a lot.

  1. It’s coming into the cooler months, can you still have pretty flowers in your home in Winter time?!

Believe it or not, Winter is one of our favourite times for flowers! It’s actually when Australian native flowers are at their best. So we wholeheartedly embrace the other worldly shapes, textures and tones that Aussie natives have on show at this time of the year. Not to mention their amazing fragrance.

The lack of softer petalled blooms means that it’s the ideal time to embrace other exciting botanicals, like showcasing dramatic foliage or the dried stems that are so on trend right now.

Order your Bloombox here!

Emma x

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