Can you work with existing furniture?

Absolutely! A lot of our projects incorporate some existing furniture in the room.

I don’t live in Sydney, can I still work with you?

Yes of course, our e-decorating service is designed specifically for all of our clients who aren’t based in Sydney but still want access to professional decorating services.

Can I do one room and then decide if I want to do more?
For sure! We don’t all have the time/money/energy to do over the entire house in one go, so splitting it up into stages is totally fine. Or perhaps you want to suss out if this service is the right fit for you first and that’s more than okay. Of course I do offer a percentage discount if you wanted to go ahead with multiple rooms but it’s totally your choice.
How long does the decorating process usually take?

This is dependant on a few things, namely your budget. If you’ve got the money ready to go then the only potential element to slow the process down is product availability. Decorating isn’t something that should be rushed, it’s important to take your time to ensure all decisions are measured and appropriate for your project.

What sort of budget do I need to work with you?

I’ve worked with clients who have a few hundred dollars to spend through to clients with tens of thousands to spend and more. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to budgets so long as your expectations are realistic. I’m pretty clever at keeping to budget but I’m not a wizard with a magical wand if you’re a champagne taste, beer budget kinda client 😉

I’ve worked with a designer before and I didn’t like what they designed for me, what happens if that happens with you?
This very rarely happens but if there’s anything you really dislike or don’t feel fits the brief you gave at the time of meeting, I offer one round of changes free of charge.
Can you purchase furniture items for me?

Yes, we have access to a huge range of furniture and decor wholesalers that don’t sell direct to the public. When we source items from these wholesalers we take care of the ordering and delivery process for you and keep you informed every step of the way to ensure the furniture arrives safe and sound. Or if you need something custom made, we can take care of that process too from sourcing fabric through to choosing what colour stain for your sofa legs.

What’s the difference between e-decorating and interior decorating?

E-decorating is decorating advice provided purely online so we’ll never actually come to your house. We work with you virtually to decorate your home. This can require more work on your end to get the room finished off as we can’t physically be there to measure, arrange and place furniture. Interior decorating is a more hands on full service decorating service for my Sydney based clients.

I’m not the right decorator for you if…

If you only have a week to complete your entire home.
Decorating isn’t a quick and easy process, I need time to meet with you, discuss your needs and wants and come up with a design plan to create the most amazing home you can afford. There is a lot of back and forth between us to ensure we get the final product right.
If you don’t see the value in hiring a decorator but just want access to trade discounts.
Think of a decorator as an investment in your home and happiness. I’ve spent many years tweaking and tailoring the services that I offer to help you save time and money and create a beautiful space for you to live in.
If you aren’t open to honest opinions.
You’re hiring me to help you get a beautiful result, I pride myself on the fact that I’m very open and honest in my approach to decorating so if I think you’re going to make a fundamental decorating mistake I’ll tell you. If I didn’t tell you the truth neither of us would be truly happy with the final result. Trust me 😉

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