Nursery Styling


One of my most favourite rooms to design and decorate would have to be nurseries. The briefs from my clients are always waaay more creative and fun than lounge rooms and bedrooms for adults. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing those rooms too but there’s a bit more fun you can have with a nursery in terms of colours and patterns. Plus, everything is so teeny tiny and just so darn cute!!!!

Gender Neutral Nursery Styling

I first started working with this client earlier in the year when she was only a few months pregnant. She had a really clear idea of what she wanted the room to look like but struggled to find the right suppliers to execute it. Enter me! We met at her home and chatted for about what she wanted the room to feel like and showed me a couple of things she’d already purchased for the room too. After we met I got to work making up the below mood board, picking out all the specific items we discussed in our meeting.


Then once we were happy with the overall design (we made a few tweaks here and there), we started ordering the items. A few weeks before bub was due I popped out to visit for half a day and we unboxed everything, unwrapped all the cute linen and got to work making the room look beautiful!! This is the end result, a gorgeous gender neutral space full of texture and light. Three weeks after my visit I got a message to say a little baby boy now calls it home.




If you’d like help putting a nursery together, email me for a quote! [email protected]

Emma x

Beds N Dreams Catalogue Shoot

Within days of touching down from Europe I had a call from Beds N Dreams asking me to pleeeease helllllp them with styling their Spring/Summer catalogue photoshoot. I got to work picking out 15 different looks for each of the beds we were going to be photographing. This prep work is the most important part of a photoshoot, it’s time consuming looking for every single item that will appear in the shoot but the Beds N Dreams team had access to a range of bed linen suppliers which made my life easier. I picked out all the linen, cushions, decor items, books, lighting and flowers and then pulled it all together over three days. Here’s a look at some of the final images we ended up with for their catalogue…

Beds N Dreams Photoshoot

All furniture and linen by Beds N Dreams.

Emma x

P.S. If you’d like a quote for stying, drop me an email! [email protected]

Decluttering Your Living Space

how to declutter your living space

It’s not even spring yet but I feel as though I’m ready to declutter before the warmer months arrive! Are you like me, if your rooms are a mess you feel like everything is in a total shambles? I have some friends who don’t mind mess (I avoid going to their houses ;)) and other friends who spend their weekends obsessively cleaning their kitchens.

A few years ago my mum gave me a copy of Marie Kondo’s The Joy Of Tidying Up. I laughed and asked her why she was giving me a book about cleaning up when I was the neatest child she’d raised (don’t ask about my younger brothers…). But after reading the book I had a huge urge to unpack my entire wardrobe and turf 40% of it! It was therapeutic. It felt great. So from then on I became a little bit obsessive about decluttering.

Moving house is a great opportunity to do a huge clear out because you’re forced to see and touch every item you own before moving it into the next place. But what can we do outside of those times to keep on top of the mess?

Here are my top tips for decluttering your living space:


For most of us, storage, or lack of, is the reason why we’ve got so much “stuff” on display. If you can work out what you might need more of in the room, like storage baskets for small items or do you need a bigger storage system like a sideboard or buffet? Can you rework some of the furniture in the space, upsize your TV unit to a buffet so you get more storage in the TV Unit. Or add pull out baskets to your bookshelf to hide some of the items you need but aren’t necessarily nice to look at?


Alright, confession time, who’s going to put their hand up and admit they own too much!? Yeh, didn’t think you would confess to that but that’s okay, you can live in denial a little longer 😉 If you are brave enough to admit you may have a little addiction to ‘stuff’ then let’s find a way to work through this. Do a physical inventory check of what you own, start pondering other uses for them or if a big chuck out is an easy place to start. 


Once you’ve worked out what to keep and what to chuck, go back through the ‘keep’ pile and work out the categories the items belong in. You might find that seeing it all lumped into categories means you can chuck more out too! Once you have the categories identified (decor, books, electronics, etc etc) you can then decide what storage systems will work better to house the ‘stuff’. It might mean you need a coffee table with a lower level for magazine storage, or it might mean you need a bookshelf to store your books. They don’t have to be expensive changes, re-working what you’ve got might be enough.


It’s totally normal to get overwhelmed in the decluttering process. Start with smaller areas first, don’t try and tackle the entire project in one hit. Break it into areas of the room, like the TV unit or the bookshelf and then work your way around the space. Give yourself a set goal so it does eventually get done. Maybe two Saturday afternoons in a row is all you need to get on top of things. Or set aside a whole day and sit down with your partner to tackle it together – a problem shared is a problem halved!!!

What are some of your decluttering tips and tricks?!

Emma x

Instagram for Interior Design

Instagram for Interior Designers

At my recent Business of Decorating Masterclass we had three marketing and branding specialists join the panel discussion. One of the most common topics to come up was around Instagram and how to make it work better for business. We all use it for collating inspiration and ideas but using it for business comes with a whole new set of rules.

I asked my publicist and marketing guru Alicia Penhorwood from Harper Collective Management to answer a few key questions about how to make instagram work better for you and your business.

Instagram for Interior Designers


  1. Is Instagram still a powerful tool to convert followers into clients?

The beauty of Instagram is that you can build connections with your dream clients and create a thriving platform to promote your brand without a huge investment. It’s also one of the first places a client will look at when thinking about working with you. This means that if your Instagram isn’t on it’s A-game that client might keep scrolling to find someone who is more aligned with them. 

When it comes to converting clients on Instagram it’s a fine line between selling and adding value. You want to be enriching your followers lives more than you’re trying to sell to them. Otherwise it’s like trying to watch your favourite TV show with half an hour of ads in between.

A great place to start is to map out your content calendar for the month. If you’re wanting to book more initial design consultations, then you might look at incorporating a few posts around projects you’re working on. You could also show how you helped bring the clients vision to life from the first initial consultation to the end result. Then drop in a mention of having limited spaces available for initial consultations for the month and guide people on how to book. 

  1. What do you see are the main benefits of using Instagram stories?

We can all relate to sitting on Instagram and just watching Instagram stories. This means that if you’re not using them, you’re missing out on a piece of the pie. 

Instagram stories is the perfect way to welcome your audience behind the scenes and give them a glimpse into the process that goes into creating people’s dream homes. They also let you keep in touch with your audience without worrying about thinking of the perfect caption or maintaining a beautifully colour coordinated Instagram grid. Think of Instagram stories as a way to connect on a deeper level with your audience and maintain a relationship with them in between posts. 

  1. Should I make sure the images I’m posting are really polished or can I share some behind the scenes stuff?

This depends on how you want to reflect your brand to your dream clients. Usually I would recommend keeping your Instagram grid filled with high-quality, polished images and then using your Instagram stories for those fun behind-the-scenes. However, if your brand is all about keeping it real, then 100% share that post of your overflowing candle collection. (Because you can never have too many candles right?). Remember to make sure all of your content is aligned with your content pillars, branding and marketing goals. 

  1. Where do you see video assisting interior designers in building their following on Instagram?

Incorporating video into your content is such a beautiful way to connect with people more than you could through an image and copy. Especially for Interior Designers this is a really exciting way to bring potential clients into your projects and communicate to them exactly who you are and why you’re perfect for them in a way that is going to captivate their attention. 

To keep it simple, we all follow Instagram accounts that inspire us in some way. So, when mapping out your video content think about your audience and what they would love to see. 

You might like to incorporate styling how-tos or walk people through the design process that goes into making over a client’s master bedroom or share a day in life which shows off a bit of your personality. 

  1. How often should I be posting?

There is so much pressure around how often people should be posting on social media that it takes the fun out of it. Start by asking how often you have time in your week to really dedicate yourself to crafting a post that takes your audience into consideration and gives you the time to respond to their comments. That way you are making sure you’re feeling inspired and connected to the essence of your brand when posting,

If that’s every three days then perfect, let’s start with that! 

I’m a big believer that your vibe attracts your tribe. So, if you’re just putting out content for the sake of it, then people are going to sense that through your posts. 

Instead if you’re organised, sharing thoughtful content and dedicated to really showing up for your audience then you’re going to build a buzzing community and attract the right types of people to your brand. 

Quality over quantity wins every time and if you’re able to work out a social media strategy that fits in with your lifestyle and allows you to deliver consistent quality content then you’re nailing it!

If you’d like to speak to Alicia about the services she offers for interior designers click here. You can also follow her on Instagram here.

What are some of your favourite instagram tricks?!

Emma x

How to Create a Meaningful Home

I always tell my clients when I start working with them that their homes are a reflection of themselves. What you surround yourself with has an enormous impact on how you behave, what you achieve and how your family feels in the space. It’s my job to dig deep and work out what is meaningful to them, what the family loves to do in their spare time, what are some places they’ve visited that they have fond memories of and which rooms do they spend the most time in so we can start to build the ‘story’ of the room. Don’t you love when you invite friends over how they go and discover bits and pieces about your home and inevitably ask “where did you get this”… It then sparks a conversation about that item, where it came from and the memories of that trip or the shop it came from.

Yes! It absolutely is possible. Let me show you how..


This is something I work on with clients and my eCourse students all the time. I find a lot of people get fed up with their spaces and are sick of wandering around the furniture super centres on their weekends so end up with a slightly negative feeling towards their home. A big part of my job is to reset this and get them to fall in love with their spaces again. Is this something you can relate to? If it is, it might help you to start seeing if you can catch out any negative thoughts and replace them with thoughts of “I can make a home I’m proud of”, “It doesn’t have to cost the earth” and “I can make my home more “me” with ease”.

Know Your Style

Own your style wholeheartedly! It’s hard not to be swept up in buying items for your home when you’re out shopping because you think that’s what you should have, or what everyone says you should have. But it’s important that you remain true to yourself. If you love it, then buy it. If you don’t love it, toss it.

One of the first things I ask clients when I start working with them is how would they describe their style? I prefer to use visuals for this as I find everyone has a different way of explaining styles which can easily be misinterpreted. There’s less room for error with photos. So perhaps you would benefit from creating a Pinterest board to collate all of your ideas. Once you’ve spent some time pinning some beautiful images you could go back and review the pins and try to identify any common elements. Perhaps there’s a rattan pendant light that keeps popping up in lounge room images or all of the bedrooms you’ve pinned have buttoned upholstered bed heads. This clearly helps you work out which style you identify most with and will help you pick out those items when you get to shopping.

Embrace Imperfections

There’s always going to be something you aren’t happy with at home or something you’re waiting to do when you can afford it. Don’t beat yourself up about it in the meantime. We are never truly satisfied with the way the house looks until the day we list it up for sale. Be realistic about the fact that you have small children or pets that make mess so you can’t live in a magazine photoshoot all the time. Teach the children to respect their furniture and decor but don’t be unreasonable about the way you ‘should’ be living. Imperfections give your home authenticity and character.

Buy Once and Buy Well

Somewhere in the last few years we all started treating furniture and homewares like we do fast fashion. Cushions aren’t disposable, nor are sofas and dining tables. So it’s time we started making better decisions about the furniture we are purchasing and purchasing with the intention to keep them for more that a year or two.

I inherited a chaise lounge from my Grandmother on my 21st birthday. It once belonged to her grandmother. I used to play on it when I’d stay at her house when I was a child so it’s a lovely thing to be able to have it in my own home. I have no intention of ever getting rid of it either. But I often wonder, what would I pass on to the next generation from my own home? I feel as though we don’t really do that anymore, nor do we place as much value on our furniture pieces like previous generations did. Wouldn’t it be nice if we started considering this a bit more with our furniture purchases? Inherited items also bring more meaning to the space too because you can tell the story of where the item came from which is a conversation started right there in your living room.

Work With What You’ve Got

Accessorising with what you’ve got lying around is a totally underrated shopping tactic! You don’t need a big budget to create a home that is a true reflection of you. It might just mean you need to rework certain areas of your home by moving things from one room to another. Is there a grouping of items on your coffee table you’re a bit sick of? Why not move some of them to the centre of the dining table and group some candles on a tray on the coffee table instead. Same goes for cushions, swap your bed cushions with your sofa cushions and see if you can make them work for a different room in the house. Not only will you be flexing your creative muscle but you won’t be spending a cent to do it!

Inject Your Personality

Displaying things that mean something to you go a long way to making your home feel more authentic. I worked with a friend of mine a few years ago to decorate her home. She wanted to start entirely from scratch and didn’t bring a stick of furniture from her previous house. The new house was a totally different style for her so I was a bit lost at first as to which direction to take the design. I knew she had a great love of New York City and that she liked to display a few coffee table books around the house. So I used these as inspiration points. We hung a huge image of the New York skyline in her dining room and I made sure we styled her coffee table with three of her favourite coffee table books (one happened to be mine, subtle advertising I know ;)) By using items that remind you of your travels or a special time in your life you’re building the story of your home and surrounding yourself with things you love. How could you not be happier when you’re surrounded by beautiful AND meaningful items?!

What have you added to your home that you think makes it more authentic and real?

Emma x

Top Tips for Winter Entertaining

Entertaining-In-Winter-Keeping-House-Emma Blomfield

Top Tips for Entertaining in Winter

Having written a book about entertaining I think it’s fair to say I know a thing or two about throwing a soirée. In Australia we often wait for the warmer months before inviting guests over to enjoy the warmer weather. I think there’s definitely something cosy and fun about throwing a lovely dinner party in winter time too.

Here are some of my top tips for winter time entertaining!

1. Plan Your Menu

Warm comfort food is your best bet for a winter evening. Think soups, casseroles, roasts, hearty pasta sauces and slow cooked meats. Planning your menu in advance help you in the long run as throwing a dinner party can get stressful lining up all the finer details to ensure it’s a smooth evening. Checklists help significantly too, so write out all the things you need to do to prepare before the party. These can be things like sweeping the front porch, mop the kitchen floors, set the table and buying the ingredients for dinner. It’s also important to think about the menu flowing nicely, if you’re having an Italian themed night then your entrée, main and dessert should all be within that same vein. Don’t forget to check dietary requirements and allergies before planning too much of the menu too.

2. Style The Table

Why not get right into theme and style the table to suit the cuisine you’re serving up! Cheap party shops have plenty of table decor inspiration so you can style the table without spending a fortune. Think about things like tablecloths, napkins, candle sticks, vases and name cards if you want to get really formal. If it’s a fun, casual evening like Mexican Night, then a few additional ‘props’ like sombreos for the guests and mini piñata’s are a nice colourful addition.

Don’t forget to check you have enough serving ware for your party. If your dinner setting is only for 8 people but you’re expecting 12 guests you don’t want to get caught short when you go to serve everyone. Same goes for cutlery and glassware.

3. Set The Mood

We don’t just entertaining for the sake of eating a nice meal, we also entertaining to meet new people, catch up with old friends, discuss worldly topics over a nice meal and connect with people. Setting the mood greatly assists in setting up an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and ready to enjoy an evening in your home. Things like background music, candle light, overhead light, scents and comfy chairs all aid in setting the mood. You can think about the five senses when you’re setting up the party and ensure you’re catering to all five senses – taste, touch, sound, smell and sight.

If you’d like more entertaining tips, why not jump over to my store and purchase a copy of Keeping House. Keeping House is my second book focused on throwing a party and still getting your bond back!

Emma x

Benefits of Working With A Decorator

There’s a pretty common belief that working with an interior decorator is something only the rich and famous can afford. Not true! I work with everyday people with normal homes and normal furniture budgets every single day of the week. Yes I’ve worked with a few famous clients here and there over the years I’ve been in business but the core of my business is helping normal humans make the most out of their normal homes regardless of their budget.

I’ve worked with everyone from farmers on remote sheep stations in central Queensland, young couples buying their first one bed unit in the city, families upsizing into bigger homes, empty nesters downsizing into townhouses after the kids leave home through to those with disabilities that require a totally different approach to design in order to live comfortably. That’s exactly why I love what I do, it’s so diverse and I learn on the job EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But it’s not all about me and what I get out of helping people, that’s just a bi-product.. What do YOU get out of working with a decorator, besides a pretty house?!


  1. Access their Brains – and years of knowledge with previous clients. They’ll know exactly what has and hasn’t worked in the past and steer you in the right direction. You’ve likely wandered the artificially lit corridors of your local furniture super centre trying to decide what rug will go with your sofa and then which cushions will work overall. It all ends in total overwhelm and paralysis analysis. You don’t make any purchases and go home feeling deflated. We see it all the time! Before our clients call us in they’ve usually wasted a bunch of weekends doing exactly this before admitting defeat so you aren’t alone! We’ll make all of those decisions for you and only involve you once we’ve got a full design look together so you don’t need to have any more weekends wasted or wake up at 3am worrying if the stone bench top you’ve selected will match the kitchen joinery.
  2. Up to Date Trends – we regularly attend industry events and visit our suppliers showrooms to keep you to date on trends as well as new products and technology. We then implement these in your home so you’ve got the newest of new installed in your home. This applies to everything from kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, curtain fabrics, lighting solutions and so much more.
  3. Trade Prices – not all designers pass on their trade discounts (I do!!), but one of the BIGGEST perks about working with a decorator is getting discounts on anything and everything you’re likely to add to your home. We can access trade prices across pretty much every category from lamps to armchairs to curtains to sofa fabrics. We attend trade fairs throughout the year across the country and even internationally at times where we see the new ranges from our furniture and decor suppliers and educate ourselves on the newest pieces. Once those items come into stock at our furniture suppliers warehouses we can start specifying them in our client projects. Often the general public can’t get access to these items so you end up with a beautifully curated home that no one else can achieve. You can expect to save around 20-40% off the recommended retail price when working with a decorator. That pays for their service fees ten fold when you’re looking to furnish an entire home!
  4. Avoid Mistakes – similar to number one, you’re paying for the decorators education and knowledge. We’ve all been there done that with previous clients and know what the common pitfalls are in decorating. You can avoid any of these mistakes by working with a decorator which will save you money in the long run.

What’s stopping you from hiring a decorator? Hit me up in the comments, I’d love to know what your resistance to hiring a decorator would be.

Or if you’re trawling the super centres pulling your hair out as you try and work out what sofa goes with which rug, call me. I’ve got you!!

Emma x

The Business of Decorating Masterclass Coming to Sydney

The Business of Decorating

Do you run your own interiors business or dream of doing so one day?

I’m guessing that just like me, you’ve sat down and wondered how you can start working SMARTER not HARDER in your business this year. Especially as the new financial year rolls around.

This is why I’m bringing all MY experts under one roof on Wednesday, 26th June in Sydney to uncover the secrets to success you need to take your business up a notch.

The Business of Decorating Masterclass is a half day event for interiors professionals to come together from all over the country for the sole purpose of elevating their business and minds.

This is your chance to spend time working ON your business instead of IN your business and gain the support, inspiration, and connections you need to feel confident in reaching your big business goals.

Solo Endeavour?

Running a business regardless of how small is never a solo effort. I’ve been in business for the better part of a decade and wouldn’t be anywhere near as far ahead if it wasn’t for investing in services with KEY people. I haven’t needed to employ them full time to help me get a leg up, I employ them for key tasks to help streamline my business at certain times. So if you want to know exactly WHO helps me run my business and WHAT they help me do, this is the masterclass where I’m sharing all of this juicy info. I don’t share these people in my mentor programs or my coaching programs. This is a highly specialised masterclass that I’m offering for the first time EVER.

Meet MY Experts

What You Can Expect

Education – The minute you stop learning you start jeopardising your business. Book the day out in your calendar to sit and learn for a full day and see what amazing creativity comes from carving the time out for yourself.
Celebration & Gratitude – How often do you stop and celebrate your wins? We’ll be encouraging each of you to honour your work and the work of others throughout the day.
Networking – We are big believers in the power of networking so come along and introduce yourself to someone new, you never know who you’ll meet.
5 Star Advice – We’ve gathered together the BEST of the BEST speakers who are on hand to share all of their knowledge with you to help you make fewer mistakes in growing your business.

PLUS, you will also receive a copy of Keeping House, a delicious lunch, a notebook + pen, and a goodie bag to take home!

Event Schedule

Held at the beautiful Caroma on Collins in Alexandria, Sydney.

9.30am – REGISTRATIONS + Tea & Coffee
10:00am – Welcome address
10:30am – Panel talk: Marketing + Branding
11:15am – MORNING TEA
11:30am – IVY Project Management Software
12:15pm – LUNCH
1.15pm – Legal Talk with Dari Levy
1:45pm – Understanding Your Numbers with Melissa Browne
2:30pm – Networking

If you have any questions at all about the event or you’d like to book multiple tickets for team members and get a team discount please don’t hesitate to email [email protected].


Emma x

Royal Flying Doctors Visit


Last week I had the privilege of a private tour of the Royal Flying Doctor Service hangar at Melbourne airport to learn more about the amazing service the Royal Flying Doctors do. I also had a peek inside one of the non-emergency aircrafts (pictured above) that is fully equipped to transport patients across our big wide land.

It was a very humbling experience to hear from various members of the RFDS about the services they provide to those in need in rural and regional areas across Australia. They not only have a fleet of 71 aircraft, they also have 124 healthcare vehicles that allow them to travel to some of the most remote parts of our country to provide much needed services such as dental care and mental health checks.

I was blown away to find that the RFDS relies solely on donations from people like us to keep them in the air. The government does not provide on-going, consistent financial support. Some of the planes in their fleet cost as much as $13 million and cost $300,000 to keep them flying each year.

Listening to the flight nurse’s stories about some of the people they’ve helped was absolutely incredible, from helping transport stroke patients back to their home towns through to helping mum’s of premie babies get medical attention in capital cities and more. It goes to show how much we take medical care in the city for granted and just how difficult it can be for someone in a remote part of our big brown land to get proper medical assistance. Not to mention the much needed mental health support the RFDS provides to our farmers in times of hardship like the recent drought.

This week is the Flick Us A Flynn campaign, an annual fundraiser aimed at getting people to donate $20 to the RFDS. (Fun fact: John Flynn, founder of RFDS is commemorated on our $20 note.).

If you can spare a $20 this week, why not head to to donate and help buy medical equipment, replace nose wheels on a plane or provide dental screening for someone in need.

Emma x

For Mum


When I wrote HOME I dedicated the book to clients, past and present. When it came time to write the dedication (above) for Keeping House, there was no questions that it would be for my mum. She’s been a big part of how and why I ended up in interiors and even though she’s a nurse by trade she’s got a serious knack for decorating and crafted many beautiful homes for us during my childhood. We lived in Asia for a few years in primary school and high school and both of the houses we lived in in Tokyo and Hong Kong were carefully thought out and beautifully decorated.

This Mother’s Day also happens to be my Dad’s birthday so it’s going to be a busy weekend showing the parents with lots of love and attention!

If you haven’t sorted a present for Mum for Mother’s Day just yet, jump over here and grab a copy of Keeping House for Mum. It comes gift wrapped and with a little card so all you have to do is write in the card and give it to Mum! Easy!

We’ve sold through the first print run of Keeping House so I actually only have a very limited number of books so be quick because I do expect to sell out of them this week. Yikes!

Emma x

P.S. You can also head to your local Kmart, Target, Myer or Dymocks to grab a copy too.


Keeping House Book Night Tickets Now Available


I threw a little party for friends and family to celebrate the launch of Keeping House in March but I wanted to do a public event for it too. So I’m THRILLED to announce the Keeping House Book Night at Caroma on Collins in Alexandria on Thursday 9th May. The Caroma Showroom is one of the most gorgeous showrooms in the country so I’m pretty chuffed they’ve opened the doors and let me take over for the night!

Join me for a live Q&A on stage answering all your burning decorating questions and renovation queries. PLUS every one gets to take home a signed copy of Keeping House. Just in time for Mother’s Day too! What a win!

Kicking off at 6pm we invite you to stroll through the Caroma Showroom and mingle with guests before sitting down to hear from Emma Blomfield about her journey to becoming an interior decorator, her favourite projects, and insights into how her second book Keeping House came about.

We invite all audience members to ask any decorating questions they may be pondering. The more engagement the better! You don’t want to listen to me chatter to myself the whole night now do you?!

*All ticket prices include a copy of Keeping House. Additional copies will be available for purchase on the night too.


DATE: Thursday 9th May

TIME: 6pm – 8pm

LOCATION: 39 Collins Street, Alexandria

(Parking available at the Alexandria Homemaker Centre on O’Riordan Street. 


Looking forward to meeting you there!

Emma x 

Meet Bloombox Co


If you’ve ever spent any time looking at my Instagram feed you’ll know I’m a huge sucker for a floral display at home. There’s something about fresh flowers in the home that make you smile and I usually have a bunch or ten around the house at all times. A few years ago I came across the girls at Bloombox Co who run a floral delivery service for Sydney and Melbourne. Basically, every week you can have a box of flowers delivered to your house and you can style them up however which way you like. It’s a genius concept and this week I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with them to make my very own Bloombox!! You can order your own box of EB approved blooms here.

I asked head flower lady Philomena at Bloombox to answer a few questions so you can get to know them a bit better!

  1. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

To me, home is an extension of myself (and my partner!). Years of life and adventure have meant we’ve collected lots of things that we love, and the memories that go with them. Art, trinkets, sentimental bits and bobs. Home is where I feel the most myself, and like a full human being – surrounded by things that make me feel creative, comforted and inspired.

  1. What are the key elements to putting a floral bouquet together? Is there a formula?

I don’t believe in rules when it comes to flowers. But there is a tried and tested formula that works well as a guide:

  • Have a great base of greenery that would look just as good on its own. It’s the foundation on which you can build everything else.
  • Include some sort of “heroine” flower. Big, showy or bright. It’s something your eye is drawn right to!
  • Secondary flowers add all the personality, creating layers and textures and introducing new shades of colour
  • Flair – usually the best bit. It will be the unexpected grasses, quirky stem or trailing piece of amaranthus that will make your arrangement really special.
  1. How do the seasons affect what Bloombox does?

The seasons drive everything we do at Bloombox Co for a few reasons. Firstly, having “in season” flowers in your home means you’ll be enjoying flowers that are literally at their best (just like enjoying late summer mangoes). Secondly it means you’re not causing flowers to be shipped out of season from the other side of the world with an enormous carbon footprint, just because you want a rose or a peony in Winter.

Finally, being in tune with the seasons keeps things fresh and exciting! Having particular blooms available only at certain times of the year means you really look forward to them. From Spring’s blossoming branches, to Winter’s paperwhites.

  1. What is your favourite floral season?

Like most people in the flower industry, nothing beats Spring in full swing. You know that saying “the Earth laughs in flowers”? Well she’s having a good belly clutching laughing fit in Spring, because the market is usually heaving with flowers and you’re almost guaranteed to see things you’ve not seen before.

  1. Which areas of your home do you always have floral arrangements?

Bit of an unusual one – the bathroom! It’s where you’re most likely to stop and have a moment just for yourself, whether you’re getting ready for the day, or just having a pit stop and getting a quick hit of beauty. It’s a lovely touch for when you have guests too.

  1. If you were a flower which one would you be?

Phylica, one of my favourite native flowers. While I can’t say I’m that perfect shade of chartreuse, I am certainly big haired and fluffy and happy to back up other blooms, while having my own thing going on.

  1. Explain the concept of Bloombox further? What exactly is it?

Bloombox Co is a flower subscription service. Similar to how you might get a magazine subscription, you receive regular deliveries of in-season flowers at your door. With each delivery you receive a selection of loose and unarranged blooms to brighten up your home, as well as a video styling suggestion each week, if you need inspiration.

It’s an easy way to add life and colour to your home with gorgeous fresh flowers that are new every time! And because we’re passionate about sustainability, we work to a zero waste model and deliver only amazing Australian grown blooms – it’s something we care about a lot.

  1. It’s coming into the cooler months, can you still have pretty flowers in your home in Winter time?!

Believe it or not, Winter is one of our favourite times for flowers! It’s actually when Australian native flowers are at their best. So we wholeheartedly embrace the other worldly shapes, textures and tones that Aussie natives have on show at this time of the year. Not to mention their amazing fragrance.

The lack of softer petalled blooms means that it’s the ideal time to embrace other exciting botanicals, like showcasing dramatic foliage or the dried stems that are so on trend right now.

Order your Bloombox here!

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