Ever wonder what would happen if you threw out all your furniture and started from scratch?

This couple did just that and with the helping hand of my decorating eCourse they were able to bring to life something spectacular! After receiving the keys to their beautiful new terrace house, this young couple was filled with excitement, until the overwhelm of decorating started to creep in.

They wanted to achieve a nice fresh look without doing too many updates to the fixtures and fittings already within the home. So they started by repainting and then followed each module one by one in my eCourse until their look was complete.

Are you ready to see the makeover?



Discover what you could create in your home once you learn the principles of decorating just like this couple did in my Decorate with Intention eCourse. Enrol now before we kick start on Monday, 22nd October and get ready for a fun journey as we delve deep and create your dream home together.


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