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respected interior designer and decorator

I’m Emma, interior stylist, and author. Interior decorating is a life-long obsession, nothing but total immersion will do!

I love to generate ideas with my clients; brainstorming and dreaming until we create a unique vision which can belong only in their home.  I work closely with my clients in a casual and relaxed manner to really draw out what their desires are for their space.

I also work with many charities and organisations to help give back to those in need. I’ve recently re-decorated Lou’s Place, a women’s shelter in Sydney, the Child Protection Unit at the Children’s Hospital in Randwick and am an ambassador for The Royal Flying Doctors “Flick Us A Flynn” campaign each year.

lover of the beautiful and the fluffy

I believe life is beautiful, and strive to being in beauty wherever I can.  That may manifest as eating way too much chocolate, buying more stationery than I need, and hoarding candles, coffee table books, crystals and building flower arrangements for every surface imaginable in my own home. I am a firm believer in continuing my education in business and decorating. I keep up to date with design trends and am often asked to speak at events about design trends and other business related topics.

I love donkeys (you might recognise my donkey Toby from the Christmas cover of Country Style in 2018), never pack lightly, am a total book worm, and am addicted to instagram.


the journey

While I was working in my first job, many of my friends were moving out of home or buying their first property and coming to me for advice about interior decorating. Before I knew it, I’d created a website and figured if there was enough demand in a capital city, surely those in remote or rural areas of Australia (or even busy professionals in metro areas) would be in need of an interior decorating service too so I launched my e-decorating service. This has ‘virtually’ taken me across the country decorating all sorts of homes from sheep and cattle stations, inner city apartments, family homes in leafy suburbs and even a few retail stores and commercial offices. I also host workshops in small country towns up and down the East Coast, teaching homeowners the principles of interior decorating. I always leave feeling so buoyed and inspired by the positive vibes of those interactions and have made a number of wonderful friends from these workshops.

In March 2017 I published my first book HOME which sold out before it even hit bookshelves!! It is a timeless classic suitable for any coffee table or bookshelf, which is based on the design workshops I run across Australia. It’s a rather pretty book, if I may say so myself.


When I’m not working, I love to hang out with my puppy dog Alfie, and my four donkeys: Alice, Hazel, Will and Toby. They even make it into magazine shoots! Check out my instagram for pics of my fluffy friends.


I’d love to work with you

I aim to exceed expectations in all of my projects: from magazine shoots, interior decorating, working with real estate agents, coaching, working over the internet with far flung clients. I listen, I innovate, and use my expertise to deliver a result which is distinct and a source of pride.

I’d love to work with you to bring your home to life and create a welcoming, authentic space which is uniquely yours.


I love to share my design insights and am a regular contributor to publications such as (trends and video series), Adore Magazine (home tours, columnist), The Daily Telegraph (trends), The Life Creative (trends, blog posts), Inspired By This (home tours, trends), (styling and trends) and many more.

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