If you’re about to begin planning a renovation then these simple steps could save you a lot of unnecessary stress and full-blown meltdowns like you see on The Block. Renovating your home can be an overwhelming task to wrap your head around. So I’ve taken the time to share with you the key steps I give my clients before they dive into creating their dream home.

Step One | Gain clarity before you start  

If you’re renovating with your partner then now is the perfect time to get super clear on both of your needs and wants. Set clear expectations and decide on the designs and materials you would like to be used throughout your home. I always advise that clients decide on the overall design of their home first, as making changes during the renovation can become costly and set you back months with delays.

Step Two | Get the tick of approval from your council

This is an area I’ve seen renovators come unstuck with time and time again. It’s essential that you get the tick of approval from your council before you start your renovations. Give them a call and ask for the local regulations, to begin with. Then depending on your renovation plans, they will be able to advise you of the best plan of action.

Step Three | Build your dream team

Once you decide on the design of your home and get the green light from the council it’s time to hire your team of experts and trades. At this stage, it’s best to decide if you need a project manager. They will be able to organise the best trades in the correct order for you and manage the overall renovation.

If you choose to not hire a project manager, then I recommend asking around for recommendations on trades before you make your selections. Always ask to see a portfolio of work they have produced in the past, along with their licences and insurances to cover yourself in case something goes wrong in the process of renovating. You’ll be relying a lot more on your trades if you are project managing so you need to trust them.

Step Four | Time to go shopping

To reduce delays on your renovations I always advise that clients purchase any fittings, fixtures and aesthetic elements before beginning. Depending on your project a few things to think about could be your water systems, plumbing, tiles, floor coverings, tapware, wardrobes or fencing. The list really does go on, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed then it may be best to chat with an interior designer to run their professional eye over your ideas. This is a stage I help many clients with to give them confidence in their decisions and a clear understanding of how everything will come together. I provide them with a finishes schedule to hand straight to their builder to avoid any miscommunication around selections. If you’d like my help with this stage of your renovation journey then take a look at the services I offer here.

Step Five | Plan your timeline

Now is the time to plan out the sequence in which your project will run. My key piece of advice for this stage is to coordinate your project by trades rather than going through one room at a time. This will help your project run a lot smoother and save you from needing to bring back the same trades multiple times.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your renovation/new build or you’re full steam ahead in the depths of it, having an interior designer by your side can make the entire process run a lot smoother. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or like you want to give up, then I would love to hear from you to help you through the next stages of your project. 

Take a look at my portfolio here and if you feel like I might be the right fit for you then you can discover more about my services and prices here. Sometimes a helping hand is all you need to gain the clarity and confidence you’ve been looking for.


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