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Hello, I’m Emma…

We’ve all spent PLENTY more time at home of late pondering what home really means for us. I’ve written a lot about what HOME means to me in my books and on my blog, for me it’s not just a place to shelter. It’s also your opportunity to express yourself or your family’s personality. This is what I strive to achieve when working with a new client.

Let me take the hard work out of decorating for you and draw out your desires and pull together your unique vision in a casual and relaxed manner. You might actually enjoy the decorating process after all!!

emma blomfield interior design interior stylist interior decorating
emma blomfield interior design interior stylist interior decorating


100% online, affordable and fun decorating service from the comfort of your sofa!

In an unusual twist of fate, 2020 has meant we are finding ourselves at home a fair bit more than usual. For those of us who haven’t quite set things up ideally at home, this new adjustment might be frustrating. My eDecorating service helps you refresh or transform your home with a personalised, affordable and convenient online approach.


What can an interior designer do for me?

Save you time

I hunt for everything for you. No more trekking across town visiting furniture shops or scrolling endlessly looking for the perfect sofa. I already know where to shop and am a walking furniture encyclopaedia!

Save you money

Did you know designers get trade prices on certain products? I pass these on to my client you can expect to save 20-40% off RRP!

Increase your happiness when at home

getting the colours, patterns and size of the furniture right means your rooms work properly for you and your family and makes your downtime more relaxing.

Increase the value of your home

Well placed furniture makes a room feel in proportion and lovely to look at. This has an indirect effect on the value of your home.

Save your marriage

Kidding. Kind of. At lot of my clients tell me they’re sick of squabbling with their partner about furniture purchases so having a third party involved in the process makes decision making a lot easier.

you deserve a beautiful, welcoming home.

Stop apologising about your home when you invite guests over. It’s time to feel proud of your home.

work with me

We offer a variety of services to help homeowners and renters with their homes. Chose from the below options to see how we can help. 

I work with you

designing + decorating with me online

Done for you

let me do the design + decorating for you

Learn to DIY

Online resources so you can decorate it yourself.



After teaching decorating workshops based on the five elements of decorating I employ when working with clients I created my first book HOME. This follows the five elements through each room of the house showing you how to decorate on a budget without getting completely overwhelmed by the process.


This book aims to demystify the styling process. It walks you through how to stye your bed in under 30 seconds, how to create a cheeseboard, tips to hang artwork, what you should spend on vs what you should save on, decorating the table for dinner parties and a couple of fun recipes and cocktails for good measure. (P.S. that’s my puppy dog Alfie on the cover!)


Decor Library

Are you an interior designer looking for an easier way to manage your client projects? Decor Library is my other business baby to help streamline the way we work as interior designers. Click the button below to find out more about the project management software and how it can help your business.

On the blog

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What I’ve noticed happening in homes since covid

What I’ve noticed happening in homes since covid

  There's no denying keeping everyone at home for an extended period of time has meant we've all looked a little more inward of late. As I've been visiting clients and working on their homes I've certainly noticed changes in the past 12 months when it comes to...



Decorating is not a subject taught in school. For some it is an innate skill they can do with their eyes closed, for others they struggle significantly. Not everyone finds this a walk in the park. Many experienced decorators still get stumped by certain projects and...

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